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Application for a resident card

10 Nov

Application for a resident card

The submission of applications for a permanent resident card for the 1st and 3rd Municipal Communities starts on Monday, November 13th, 2017, at City Hall of 1st Vassileos Georgiou Avenue, between hours 08: 30-13: 30.

Especially for the 1st Municipal Community and to better serve citizens, avoiding long waiting hours, the turnout (per week of operation of the system) will take place in priority corresponding to the Sector where the resident belongs, namely:

1: Ag.Dimitriou – Ag.Sofias – Egnatia– Ethnikis Amynis

2: Nikis – Nikolaou Germanou – Angelaki– Egnatia – Ag.Sofias

3: Ag.Dimitriou – Ag.Sofias – Egnatia – Kar.Dimitriou

4: Egnatia– Ag.Sofias – Nikis – Kountouriotou – 26 Oktovriou